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Chiming in in general: I know that Mr. Deakins has already said that there were no 15/70 prints of Blade Runner 2049 to begin with; regardless, there are very few 15/70 projectors that are still being used.

I just came off a contract job running a 15/70 projector for Dunkirk. It was one of 35 screens in the world running an actual print and our projector hadn't been used in three years. Obviously, operating that projector was kinda like driving a car that sat in your garage for a year and just got a once over from a mechanic.

But, yeah, of all of the movies that I projected on 15/70, only very few of them ever covered the entire screen. Even Star Trek: Into Darkness slightly cropped its Imax footage to a slightly wider ratio to help blend the footage with its anamorphic 35 scenes.

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