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Sorry if I wasn't clear. I linked the IMDB tech specs page which lists a Printed Film Format - 70 mm (horizontal) (IMAX DMR blow-up).

IMAX 70MM projectors can play a film that is not at the 1.43.1 aspect ratio. So it would be the 1.90:1 version printed on film that is 1.43.1 with a large dead space above and below the frame. This is certainly what is playing at the 70MM IMAX locations.

But IMAX has not made it clear if the 1.90:1 is limited to that version, which seems possible.

It all stems from IMAX's total lack of clarity in communication of aspect ratios, screen sizes, etc. It's very frustrating as a consumer having to wade through forums and reddit posts trying to guess what cinematic experience I'm going to get. I feel like they have done a lot of damage to their brand.

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