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How do you frame for the edit/continuity? (1 reply)

simon m
7 months ago
simon m 7 months ago

Dear Roger,

I've come across a problem while filming a two-shot walk and talk. There are several shot/reverse shots during the scene.The problem arose when one of the people moved laterally in relation to the frame. It made that edit a little 'clunky' feeling.

One way to account for this would be to ask the actors maintain their distancing to each other, or to diligently keep track of their locations in frame at the end of each take, and to match that in the next setup. Video playback helps, but slows down filming considerably.

I would love to know how you account for this situation while filming?

Thanks so much!

Roger Deakins
7 months ago
Roger Deakins 7 months ago

That is usually addressed during shooting by the camera operator or the continuity person regardless of whether there is playback or even a monitor on set. It is just a matter of experience to know that straight reverse shots like that must match.

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