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Director's Viewfinder or Artemis (5 replies and 1 comment)

4 weeks ago
Kalaidjiev 4 weeks ago


This is a question to everyone and Roger too. My question is during a blocking of a scene do you use Artemis or a Director's Viewfinder? Because Artemis is easier to show to the director the exact framing (because you can snap a shot) but it also looks a little bit silly running on set and shooting with a phone? 


james wong
3 weeks ago
james wong 3 weeks ago

That depends on what you shoot.

For commercial I most use Artemis,For drama I use director viewfinder.


Roger Deakins
3 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 3 weeks ago

For scouting I use Artemis, although I also carry a very small viewfinder. I usually use the shooting lens on the finder.

2 weeks ago

What viewfinder do you use?

3 weeks ago
dmullenasc 3 weeks ago

We use a modified iPad holder that allows us to put our film camera lenses on it and frame up using Artemis.

2 weeks ago
Kalaidjiev 2 weeks ago

Thank's a lot for all your answers!

5 days ago
Mike 5 days ago

Viewfinder he uses.
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