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Director's Instructions to Hail Caesar's Composition and thoughts on final turnout (1 reply)

10 months ago
Annika 10 months ago

Good day Mr. Deakins,

I hope you're doing well.

As a student I am analyzing your work and have lately watched "Hail, Caesar!".

In your productions so far we all can realize a specific style you've adopted, as every great filmmaker does.
My question is; What has been your director's brief for "Hail, Caesar!" and if so, how did this brief limit you in your own imagination of what the movie could eventually have looked like?

Many thanks!


Roger Deakins
9 months ago
Roger Deakins 9 months ago

The brief was only that we wanted to recreate the general 'look' of some of the films of the period. The sets that appear in the film within the film needed to be lit as they would have been at that time and we dusted off all sorts of period lighting fixtures to help with this.

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