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Collaboration with the Coen Brothers, prepping and not using it. (1 reply)

2 weeks ago
JanG 2 weeks ago

I often tell people the story about how “when Roger Deakins works with the Coen Brothers they make a complete storyboard and decoupage in pre-production and always throw it away as soon as they arrive on set”

I think I read that somewhere ones and I really like that way of thinking. Preparing a way to do it and really get into the scene. But life in the moment on set and see what is in front of you (with the prep in mind). I think that it can work in all sort of fields.

But is this story true? I can’t find the source anywhere anymore.

Roger Deakins
2 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 2 weeks ago

When I worked with the Coen brothers we always started with storyboards of the whole film. Mostly, we would stick to what we had boarded but we also allowed for change on the day. Nothing was absolutely 'set in stone'.

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