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Cinematography Exercises (1 reply and 1 comment)

3 months ago
hsingh89 3 months ago

Hey everyone! I’ve been working on gradually improving my cinematography skills for some time now. I tend to focus on composition elements and camera dynamics when I practice shooting in different locations to better capture the essence of the story being conveyed. However, I was wondering if there is a more efficient way to practice these techniques when I’m not out on location. Do you have any recommended techniques or artistic cinematography exercises that I should run through on a frequent basis at home or nearby? (Kind of like how you run practice drills in sports)

2 months ago
tedsuo 2 months ago

Maybe not for everyone, but something I do is master studies, where I draw frames to analyze their composition. By making an effort to try and recreate a shot, I end up noticing far more detail about what makes the shot "work" than I do when I just sit there and look at it.

Curious if people do anything similar, that doesn't involve drawing? Master studies in cinematography are a bit trickier than in painting and music.

Ahmad Ali Lewis
2 months ago

That's good. I wish I could draw that well.

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