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Choosing Aspect Ratio (2 replies and 1 comment)

8 months ago
filmtonyvalles 8 months ago

Hi master Roger,

I'm going to be soon shooting a music video in which its story is pretty much how a guy gets out of a kidnapping because he remembers a paradox he learned when he was a child.

When doing projects, I always tend to come up with the aspect ratio based on the style and mood of the video. But I have never actually learned what could be some "rules" of choosing a pleasing aspect ratio.

For this one, I am actually stuck on that topic.

Thank you so much!



Roger Deakins
8 months ago
Roger Deakins 8 months ago

I have yet to read of any 'rules' concerning aspect ratio. It seems a matter of personal taste.

8 months ago
Joh 8 months ago

Shane Hurlbut gave various reasons of what difference the aspect ratio can make in this video: Shane Hurlbut - Aspect ratio»

For example in Crazy Beautiful - he chose 1.85:1 to create more headroom for the characters, In "the greatest game" he also did this because of the height difference of the main characters. 

So as Roger said, of course it's a matter of taste - but sometimes you choose what is better for the story. 

8 months ago

Thank you so much for your comments and video! It definitely helped me a lot.

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