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Books and other literature for a beginning filmmaker? (2 replies)

1 week ago
Tristan_Drijver 1 week ago

Hi Roger,

I've just begun work on a film project about someone dealing with mental illness. I have had limited exposure making films, mostly helping around on a set making a film in 48H. This time, I'm working as the Director of Photography and would love to learn more about cinematography as a whole.

Are there any works of literature you'd recommend catching up on? Books or other things that you've personally gained a lot of knowledge from? 

Would love to hear from you, love your work and everything you're doing.



Tristan Drijver

1 week ago
Lighthiser 1 week ago

Not Roger, but in my opinion "Cinematography: Theory and Practice" by Blain Brown is an indispensable book for those just starting out.

It moves you from general theory on the art form to the finer details and science that makes it happen. Great resource. 

1 week ago
f5.6 1 week ago

These are few of the most recent books I have read, I recommend all of them

American Cinematographer Manual

Lighting for Cinematography - David Landau

The Camera Assistant Handbook - Douglas C. 

Set Lighting Technician's Handbook - Harry C. Box

The Practical Zone System - Chris Johnson

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