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Best Inspiration? (2 replies)

2 weeks ago
dondonny 2 weeks ago

Im a painter that get alot of my inspiration from movies. What are some old movies/cinematographers that you got/still do get inspired from compositionally? And do you prefer classic movies over newer ones?

Ive recently looked into very old movies like ivans childhood and citizen kane and found it very soothing. Athough the new blade runner and star wars also has been a huge inspiration for me.

2 weeks ago
dmullenasc 2 weeks ago

I just saw a new 4K restoration of the 3-strip Technicolor movie "A Matter of Life and Death" (1946) at the American Cinematheque last night -- it's one of my favorite movies! I love Powell-Pressburger films, and they have many memorable images in them.

Roger Deakins
2 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 2 weeks ago

I visited the Munch exhibit at the Met yesterday for the second time. I find his work both moving and inspiring. I would say the same about the work of Tarkovsky and Melville.

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