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Animation Cinematography (15 replies and 3 comments)

11 months ago
adapp1 11 months ago


I believed you worked on the animation movies of Rango and Wall-E as "visual consultant." My question is, what do you exactly do as visual consultant. Are you basically a DP but in an animation form. Is it any similar with being a live-action DP? 


Roger Deakins
11 months ago
Roger Deakins 11 months ago

I consult so I am not involved with every moment of the process but I do watch all the work as it progresses and I give my comments and any advice I can.This involves development of the overall 'look' of the film as well as the more specific shot break down and lighting of each scene.

I worked at Pixar for some time to develop the look of 'Wall-E' and I would visit ILM quite often to work with the team there on 'Rango'. I visit Dreamworks animation when I am between live action films as I have been a consultant on the three 'How to Train Your Dragon' films, the third being a work in progress. When I am away I keep connected with the work as it develops by way of the internet.

10 months ago

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