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A little advice on a scene (24 replies and 2 comments)

1 year ago
dinu 1 year ago

Mr. Deakins, 

Firstly, let me thank you for having the time answering on this website and for all your work! You are a true inspiration and a great artist. 


A friend and I are trying to complete a dark thriller movie and we need a little advice on how to build an opening scene on a guy who walks through an alley and enters a building. The atmosphere is tense, wind blowing on the alley and the trees are unsettling. Should we use the natural light of the setting sun? 


Thanks for all your work again! 




Roger Deakins
1 year ago
Roger Deakins 1 year ago

That's too much of an open question. I would study the natural light that hits the alley and decide from there. It may be the setting sun doesn't create much and you would be better off lighting the shot, maybe shooting at night.  Impossible for someone else to make that decision.

9 months ago
WilliamAustin 9 months ago

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johnalbert 9 months ago
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KellimWorthington 8 months ago

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3 months ago
Michael12 3 months ago

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