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Zeiss CP2 Lenses - Colour shift (2 replies and 1 comment)

6 months ago
JamesChegwyn 6 months ago

Hello everyone, I have a couple questions regarding the Carl Zeiss CP2 range of lenses.

Is there a `sweet spot` T stop that you would recommend with these lenses?

Between T1.5 -T2.8 I have noticed a slight shift of colour, especially a blue tint is visible within the blacks of the image and it does not look natural, has anyone else noticed this? would you fix this in camera by adjusting some of the blue tones if you had to shoot more wide open?

I am working with the Red Scarlet Dragon and CP2 PL lenses.


4 months ago
snowliontigre 4 months ago

I have faced the same issues before. I'd just switch it in REDCineXPro. You can change the tints and everything on your raw files.

4 months ago
Wouter 4 months ago

The CP2 T1.5 version of those lenses is not an optimal design. Apparently, Zeiss did not release this version before a storm of customer request.

The T2.0 version is a much better lens. Especially wide open.

The thing to keep in mind is that these lenses have a very "classic" design, they aren't overly engineered, corrected, very few glass elements inside. I believe they were designed in the 70's or 80's.. (Distagon, Planar, ... )

While this is has a lot of benefits, it also has some drawbacks like some barrel distortion on the wider versions, some chromatic aberration, some halation, etc.. 

But again: the 2.0 version is much, much better wide open.

4 months ago

no 70's/80's isn't correct, more like the 90's - not sure tho!

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