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Why do movies shot on film usually shoot on Tungsten balanced film instead of Daylight? (1 reply)

2 months ago
umbrella 2 months ago

I know nothing about shooting film besides the science behind it. When scanning through a bunch of films on IMDb, it caught my eye that many films are shot on 200T, 100T, 500T... etc. But rarely do I see 50D or 250D.

Is there a reason why Tungsten is preferable for the entire movie? Is it for matching the color/tonality? 

2 months ago
Vigsod 2 months ago

Maybe I shouldn't answer without ever working with it but...


Could it be that it's cheaper to buy one type of film and it's easier to correct tungsten to daylight than vice versa. You have to correct the temperature with a filter which subtracts light. Generally daylight scenes has more light than tungsten scenes, so if you're going to filter one of them you're going to be better off trading off light from daylight scenes than tungsten scenes.

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