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Whats one thing you wish you have known when you where a beginner on camera (3 replies)

2 weeks ago
martinezg1085 2 weeks ago

Any tip or tricks?

Roger Deakins
1 week ago
Roger Deakins 1 week ago

I don't know. You gain experience every day. Sometimes its just little things you never knew or hadn't considered before, whilst sometimes you learn from attacking some major challenge. Technology is always developing and never more so than today, so keeping up is very important. That you can't know in advance.

If there is one thing I know now that I never fully appreciated when I was beginning is that it is not technique or technology that makes a good shot but the choice of the shot in the first place. I guess I have always felt that but it is paramount in my mind these days. There is usually some way to make a shot technically but is it the right shot.

1 week ago
Gregg 1 week ago

Dear Roger, 

Having said that, making "the choice of the shot in the first place".  Out of all the films that you have photographed, which one do you feel is the best, where you think the choice of the shot matches your personal taste and feels like the right shot for each scene.  You have always said that there are always compromises and that a shot is seldom perfect (for a variety of different reasons).  Which film of your feels like it had the least amount of compromise and had the highest percentage of choice shots?  If there is one of course...

Many thanks



1 week ago
(unknown) 1 week ago

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