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Super 8 in 2k scan: unbelievable quality (5 replies and 2 comments)

6 years ago
samfilm 6 years ago

Just came across this footage shot on the recently introduced Logmar super 8 camera. The footage seems to have been scanned in 2k. For super8 film, the quality looks breathtaking (given that the stock is 50d, which is fine grain, but still.....). Comments welcome!»

6 years ago
M-O 6 years ago

I've always liked the idea of filming something set in the present day using a old film, making it indistinguishable to the films made in the 60s/70s.

When you look at the images posted on websites like instagram, most of them have filters, which often attempt to replicate the look of older cameras. 

Ironically, despite the intense competition between companies in making the sharpest lenses possible and adding as many megapixels to their sensors, people are intentionally looking for a more antiquated look to their photos.

Nice footage. Even though its been scanned, it still has that distinctive look to it.

rubens toledo
6 years ago

beautiful images. What happened at upper right side? Congratulations.

6 years ago

These are not my images. I found them on youtube as I have been recently following footage of 2K scans of Super-8 film. You can ask the publisher of the youtube video, Im sure he would have some answers. Meanwhile, feel free to check out this other video I found on vimeo of Tr-X super 8, again scanned in very high resolution. The results are pretty amazing:»

6 years ago
mctmiller 6 years ago

Wow looks great!

With Kodak's announcement of their new super 8 camera, it will be interesting to see if this catches on at all.»

6 years ago
rlandry1 6 years ago

Whoa. That's super cool! The creative cloud is a very exciting prospect. I wonder if they will be providing this service for 16 or 35 mm as well? 

6 years ago
jeclark2006 6 years ago

I almost got excited a while ago and bought a Bolex 8mm watchworks camera... then I found out there was no B&W negative stock... only color and Tri-X reversal. I realize that I could process the reversal to a negative... but I'd rather it just be straight negative stock in the first place.

So, I don't think the Kodak new offering is going to catch my fancy.

2 years ago
Lorenkk 2 years ago

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