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Sunlight/Darkness Iris Fade (1 reply)

Leander S
3 months ago
Leander S 3 months ago

Hey Guys,

I'm very fascinated by the capabilities of the human eye.. I often wish I could record what my eyes are seeing. Anyway, I'm currently doing a lot of test, to create the best "POV" Shot, I can achieve. 


Today I was doing some testing at the rental and was wondering if any of you brilliant DPs ever tried something similar. I was trying to mimic the situation you have, when leaving the subway station for example. For a second you cant see anything and you slowly adjust to the lighting. I could not make it seem quite natural by fading the iris down graduetly. I figured that flairs or filters like the BPM help to "naturalize" this effect but it still did not feel completly right. When I did it the other way around, paning from bright to dark, the change seemed way more realistic.


How do you guys change the Iris when during a shot the lighting drastricly changes? Does anyone ever experimented with it or has a movie with such a scene in mind (I could not think of one..)?


Greetings to all!



Info: I did the test with the Mini LF and Cooke S4 Lenses. Ironically I could not find a lighting situation in the rental, where I had enough lighting difference to achieve this effect, even though there were quiet huge contrasts.. So I brought in 2 600Xs to light a small box to achieve the desired lighting situation.

Roger Deakins
3 months ago
Roger Deakins 3 months ago

here is an early shot in 'Kundun' where the young Dalai Lama walks out into bright sunlight. We delayed the stop pull for exactly the reason you suggest, to create the feeling of his eyes having to adjust and not just following the 'rule book' for a stop change.

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