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Subjective shot or Objective shot (1 reply and 1 comment)

Nan Li
4 days ago
Nan Li 4 days ago

Hi Roger

Today I was watching True Grit and I have some questions about the specific scene.

For the shot of Mattie on the bed, it is a medium shot. When Mattie looks at LaBoeuf sitting at the window, it is a wide shot, or at least a wider shot comparing with the shot of Mattie. To me, it conveys her view. My question is why did you lock down the camera and do more objective way rather than a handheld or POV? What if you use handheld or POV, to you, what would be changed? 

Also, when LaBoeuf sit beside the bed and talk with her, why do you use OTS for Mattie but a single shot for LaBoeuf? Can you talk about what were you thinking about that? 


Thank you so much.

Roger Deakins
2 days ago
Roger Deakins 2 days ago

The over the shoulder shot puts the viewer in the perspective of that character. As for the hand held POV, sometimes I have done this but what do you think would be the reason for doing this?

Nan Li
1 day ago

To me, POV also can put the viewer in the perspective of that character. However, the emotion is too strong, unless there is a specific beat to enhance the mood. Am I right?

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