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1 week ago
NFcam 1 week ago


Good afternoon to Roger and all on the forum here... am a newbie so be gentle 🙂

I absolutely love Roger's work so many films (particularly his work for the Coen Bros and westerns such as The Assassination of Jesse James and NCFOM)... I was also an extra in 1917 in the scenes shot at Netheravon so was able to see the goings on of the set and the work entailed up close. I am starting to put together short films scripts and film it - and would love to know what is the best quality budget cam (hand held) to shoot these on? (apologies if this has been answered before but I can't spot it if it has).

On a separate subject I live in the New Forest and think it's an untapped gem for filming outdoors... I'd love to know if Roger thinks there's any particular areas which are underused in the UK and or abroad and why they may not have been discovered yet?

If you'll indulge a third question Roger... I know you are a keen fisherman and always have been... how do you think fishing itself has assisted you in your camerawork?

Thanks - and I thoroughly enjoy the podcast you and James put together. It's become essential listening.



6 days ago
erikgrow 6 days ago

Hi NFcam, not Roger but I'll throw my two cents out there. I'm not sure what your budget is, but regardless, I would take a look at the following cameras: Blackmagic Pocket 4k Cinema Camera, Panasonic Lumix S1H, Sony A7S III, ZCam E2-M4. All of these are in the $1500 to $4000 range, and are a step up from your average DSLR or mirrorless by virtue of the fact that they can shoot some form of RAW footage, which means higher bitrate, color depth, and dynamic range. I hope that gives you a place to start!

P.S. You can also rent a camera if you want to try it out or just need it for a weekend or two.

5 days ago
Baudelaire 5 days ago

Not Roger but... question maybe should be what camera and lenses. Personally I think the Panasonic S1 (with vLOG upgrade) 1600$ is just incredible and been completely overlooked in the tech race. ref lenses You can get a dumb adapter 25$ and a nice set of old NIKON A.i glass (very good quality compact metal lenses) for under 400 $. 

Roger Deakins
5 days ago
Roger Deakins 5 days ago

Fishing is an excuse. The weather and the ocean couldn't care less about you. That is the point.

4 days ago
Mike 4 days ago

’Fishing is an excuse’  I think, I know what you mean.
The Byre
4 days ago
The Byre 4 days ago

I would endorse erikgrow's advice and add if you want a dirt-cheap camera that does 4K, I have been using a Panasonic FZ1000 as a grab-n-go camera and for second and third cameras and for dufus stuff like making-of and although the dynamic range could be better, the images are really great considering I paid just £300 plus VAT for the thing new!  

The menu takes some getting used to and, yes, it is a bridge camera, but at DSLR quality and comes with a decent lens.

At the other end of the cheap-camera-scale is the Black Magic 6K 35mm Pocket at about £2,000 plus VAT.  Above that come cameras like the Panasonic Eva-1 which costs about three times as much. 

You will need a tripod - even if it is a cheap one and even if you want to use the camera hand-held.  A tripod gives the camera stability as you can hold it with both hands.

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