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Shutter Angle in ARRI 535 & ARRI Alexa(digital) (2 replies)

5 months ago
r.k.Logeshwaran 5 months ago

hi sir,

        my question is, when it's ARRI 535 the shutter angle full open was only upto 180 degree, but when it's ARRI Alexa(digital) the shutter angle full open is upto 360 degree, what is your opinion on this 360 degree full open?


5 months ago
dmullenasc 5 months ago

There is so much motion blur with a 360 degree shutter that the image looks very video-ish, like classic interlaced-scan video (which was usually shot at 50 or 60 fields per second with a 360 degree shutter, i.e. no shutter).  

Some people will go to a 240 degree shutter or even a 270 degree shutter in digital in order to work in very low levels of light, but the motion rendition starts to look odd if you're not careful (i.e. the more motion there is, the worse it looks -- a static establishing shot of a building for example tends to look the same no matter what the shutter angle is when nothing is moving while walking around handheld following someone can look very smeary with a longer shutter time.) And as digital cameras get more sensitive, there has been less reason to open up the shutter angle past 200 or 240 degrees.

5 months ago
(unknown) 5 months ago


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