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Shooting Tungsten Film at Dusk? Super 16 (2 replies and 1 comment)

2 months ago
SeanDahlberg 2 months ago

I'm about to shoot a scene that will take place just as the sun is at the horizon and into blue hour until light won't allow a reasonable stop.  I'm going to be performing tests soon but wanted opinions on shooting Tungsten balanced film at blue hour...I want that beautiful blue cast as the sun sets below the horizon but do not want to lose that orange burning glow of the sun prior to this point.  In my mind, Tungsten film should do the trick with a little grading in post, am I on the right track here?  Oh, specs....shooting on Super16 and debating whether to go 500T 7219 or 250D 7207.  Thank you for your responses!

Roger Deakins
2 months ago
Roger Deakins 2 months ago

I would almost always shoot on a tungsten balanced stock and I often removed the correction filter after sunset to get that 'blue look'.

2 months ago
OMA 2 months ago

Not Roger here,

I did something similar for a short I did back in undergrad - shot on an Arri SR3 with 500T stock at blue hour, right before the sun set.

Taking a look at the exterior might give you some visual cues as to how that will turn out - I didn't do any grading on this either.»

Hope this helps.


2 months ago

This is a superb short in my opinion. Good camera work, good acting, great lighting and editing. Superb sound track and SFX. You have certainly put a lot thought into this one and it has paid off. Hitchcock will be proud of you. This is quality.

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