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Rough Layout and Previs observations (No replies)

2 months ago
John.Ra 2 months ago

Hi Everyone,

I just discovered the podcast series. Such a great resource! How did I not know about this earlier.

Anyways as the title suggests I was curious to know if Roger or anyone in the realm of Cinematography had any further observations about Rough Layout and Previs.

I don't exactly remember which podcast it was, but it touched on Layout and Previs artists not using real world lens choices for their shots, which I found interesting.

I ask this as I'm a Layout and Previs artist myself working predominantly on animated TVC/Films, thus I'm particularly interested in this topic.

Furthermore I recently started exploring "real world" cinematography applying my pre-existing knowledge from Previs and Layout. I have already noticed a significant difference between the two worlds.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts about the topic.

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