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Questions for Sir Roger (1 reply)

2 months ago
JonbaRal 2 months ago

Hello! I have some questions for Sir Roger. For an assignment in my film production class, I need to reach out to a professional in the industry and ask some questions about their career. If you would be willing to answer them, these are the questions:

What made you decide to pursue cinematography as a career?

Do you prefer to be identified as a director of photography or as a cinematographer?

What is your average salary? Sorry, I know this sounds like a personal question, but my professor required it for the assignment. If unwilling to disclose this, could you tell me what you think the average salary might be for a working cinematographer?

What would you say is the required experience, education or training for a professional in your field?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as cinematographer?

Thanks so much for your time!
Jon Yusko

Roger Deakins
2 months ago
Roger Deakins 2 months ago

I think you can read about my career elsewhere as I have done so many interviews about it. I didn't ever 'decide to be a cinematographer'. I think life leads you on a path that can be unexpected, which was the case for me. i never considered I could be a cinematographer until I was there, doing it.

Salaries can vary so much from project to project. I have no idea of an 'average' salary as it varies so much from independent film making to the world of Superhero movies. 

There are no requirements as such to be a cinematographer. You need to be able to do the job and have something unique to offer a director.

There are many disadvantages for a 'normal' person. The hours are long and variable. The job will often require traveling away from home for many months. You need to like that lifestyle, rather than a regular 9 to 5, then it might be for you.

The advantages? It's not a regular 9 to 5 job! As Clark Gable said in 'The Misfits' - 'it sure beats wages'!

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