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Pulling your own focus handheld (1 reply)

3 months ago
ericsanpablo 3 months ago

Hi guys, in scenarios when you shooting on the shoulder/handheld and pulling your own focus, what is your ideal throw for a typical scene?

Maybe it varies from person to person, but it seems to me that if you are using a follow focus, mapping the full 360 degrees of the wheel is too much (unless it is a scene with less movement to track).   And similarly, if pulling off just the barrel of the lens, a large 300+ degree throw can also be a bit tough on the wrist (especially on lenses with a physically larger focus ring diameter)?  

For me, if pulling off a follow focus unit, maybe a bit over 180 degrees/half the wheel seems ok... that way I can pull from infinity to close focus distance in one go if needed.  But it seems if I miss a mark, sometimes correcting my focus is a bit less smooth.  

Curious your perspectives/thoughts/suggestions when you're operating handheld and tracking your own focus. 

4 weeks ago
natasha47 4 weeks ago

Good, I'll follow it to shoot for skateboardi»ng because it requires a lot of 360 degrees sudden moves.

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