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Pulling Stop on 1917 (1 reply and 1 comment)

1 month ago
Joshellis40 1 month ago

You mentioned that you were pulling stop a lot of the time, sometimes even while also operating. What were you using as a reference to choose your stop?  Did you have a target stop that you tried to stay at or did it change from shot to shot for depth of field choices?  

Roger Deakins
1 month ago
Roger Deakins 1 month ago

I did have a plan worked out for a stop which would vary from scene to scene but that proved totally impractical. Simplifying things, I tried to shoot the day exteriors at a 4.0. However, on many days we were shooting in patches of cloud so I could only guess at the NDs I would need to get to a 4.0. The internal NDs are in two stop increments. To change a front ND takes time and usually involves re balancing the camera. Consequently, I could only make my best guess at the general light level and work from there.

3 weeks ago

Hi Roger, do you think you would often use an in-camera variable ND (no visible increments) while shooting, if available ?

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