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Preferred Film Still Camera (2 replies)

2 weeks ago
calsparkes 2 weeks ago

Hello Roger, I was hoping you could tell me what your first still film camera was that you started out with and what camera do you prefer to use now? 


2 weeks ago
Mike 2 weeks ago

Assume his first camera was a Brownie 127 as everybody had these as Christmas presents but understand that he now uses a Leica Digital.  The 127 negative is a very useful size given a quality lens.

Roger Deakins
2 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 2 weeks ago

I use a Leica M9 or a Leica Q these days. My first camera was some cheap Soviet job with a plastic lens but I bought a Nikon when I left art college.

The first time I held a film camera in my hand was at Film School. After film school I owned an Eclair NPR, which was my favorite documentary camera.

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