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Planning a shoot with very long days of continuous shooting. Advice? (1 reply)

2 months ago
umbrella 2 months ago

I am working on a project which will involve camera operators recording almost continuously for three consecutive days (with breaks for food/sleep of course). 

Logistical backend aside, I'm curious what you folks might recommend for equipment—that would be feasible for a low-budget production—to help mitigate that many hours on our feet.

The direction calls for more documentarian, handheld camerawork. We are shooting with fairly light rigs (around 8lbs~) and I was just planning on simple shoulder rigs. But still, there is a concern of fatigue.

Looking forwards to any suggestions. Thank you.

Jacob W.
2 months ago
Jacob W. 2 months ago

Make sure you provide coffee... haha. 

What additional information could you provide on the subject being filmed?

Will you be shooting scripted set pieces or is this a documentary? Do the shots have to be handheld or could you use tripod's & Dolly's? So the camera Op's aren't physically holding the camera's for hours on end? 

(8lbs isn't too terrible for a shoulder rig. Not as bad as a 70lb 60mm IMAX monster.)

If it's scripted, and you will have takes, and the takes are shorter, the Op's could get more time to put the rig's down after each take. Even a 30sec. break in between shots could go a long way throughout the day. A lot of times a Dolly Grip will take the camera from the Op as soon as each take CUTS to give the Op a break from holding the thing. You could maybe try that?

Otherwise, good coffee, hot meals, and a fair warning to the camera ops is gonna be what you go with. Best of luck!

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