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Notes from the Underground (No replies)

chuck greenwood
5 years ago
chuck greenwood 5 years ago

Hello everyone, bravo to the new site. Is it cool to share a poem and some thoughts here? If so :

"Cameras are like women- I love them all,
Like the films of Mr. Deakins ;
The James Train-Dolly masterclass & Moto Intro of Skyfall. 

Notes from the Underground: Hungry, Eager, limited budgets yet no fears.
To watch you shoot one frame I would clean & sort your gear for years.
I’ve been reading your posts here since the day and thought if you may be entertained
To view this little proxy reel of little nothings and indie films from the underground in some way…

One minute and thirty seconds if you wish to screen a little daydream…"»

Much love to you and think the world of you all. Keep shooting. Keep dreaming.

Don’t pump the yellow lights, stay safe and stay in the flow.
Best of 2016 to you all and yours. Thank you for welcoming me to your house.

Chuck Chill

eg 60 minute film we shot and cut for 680 bucks - little nothing»» 'Cameras are like women, I love them all'

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