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3 months ago
trophyreign 3 months ago

Hello everyone, I'm interested in going into the field of cinematography. I'm still very early in my career and I was wondering if any of you had any advice for me? anything from camera, lighting tips to career advice, it's all welcome.

Jacob W.
2 months ago
Jacob W. 2 months ago

Dive deep into this forum and you will get any and all the advice and information you could ever need. Any topic or thought you want advice or info on, just search for it in the forum archives, you will find it!

If you can't find anything on it, then ask a question.

Welcome to Pandora's Box. 

My advice is love it with everything you have, always search for knowledge, and work hard. I'm right there with you in the early stages of career. But this forum is probably the greatest resource at the disposal of any filmmaker. 

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