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There is something to be learned from bad cinematography and (IMO) if it is pointless camera movement and inappropriate framing and angles you are looking for, 'The Bone Collector' would be right up there in my top ten.  

As Roger says "So much camera movement in contemporary cinema seems to be there only to enhance what is an inherently uninteresting scene." and this movie has it all.  Scenes where nothing is going wrong and not much is happening, are shot at a crooked angle.  We go from totally static to jiggly hand-held for no apparent reason and Steady-Cams give us the 'floaty' shots seemingly at random.

But then the story ain't no great shakes either!  Every overworked cliche gets an airing, from the angry police captain to the brilliant rookie cop and of course a psycho serial killer who leaves cryptic clues at the scene of every murder - and I've completely forgotten which C-character it was or what lame excuse he came up with for being a serial killer! 


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