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Low Budget Cinema Cameras (1 reply)

10 months ago
PABastien 10 months ago


I am currently saving up for a lower budget cinema camera, Specifically either a Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, Used Black Magic Cinema Camera 2K (which has similar colour and latitude if not resolution as the mini pro) or a KineMini 4K/Kinefinety Terra.

I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with any of these cameras. I've watched test footage but it tends to be either documentary style B roll or very stagey interview style lighting, and they all seem to be using the same luts in their grading. I can't really find anyone doing more  stylized lighting so I can't get a real sense of how these cameras handle colour and exposure. I've had previous experience with Canon DSLRS, Sony F3 and FS100.

(I prefer to get as much of the colour in camera as possible, rather than building it through grading)

10 months ago
youfeng 10 months ago

I have been using Kinefinity's camera since 2014(KineRaw Mini), and now my company own 6 Terra cameras . Basically, we use terra cameras to shot food video, you can visit our channel on

We also shot some narrative videos, normally use Terra cooperate with arri alexa, I uploaded some stills here, some of them was shoted by terra 4k,and the others by alexa.微信图片_20180301175820.jpg微信图片_20180301175812.jpg微信图片_20180301175807.jpg微信图片_20180301175801.jpg微信图片_20180301175758.jpg微信图片_20180301175744.jpg
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