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Long Take from The Village (1 reply)

Richard N
6 years ago
Richard N 6 years ago

Hi Roger, 

I recently re-watched The Village and was struck by the long take you did of the walk and talk between Ivy and her father as they walk to the shed. The handheld 180 around Ivy at the end felt very fitting for the moment. I think I gave an audible sigh when I saw it again. 

I wonder if you could give some insight into the decision of making that a whole conversation a oner rather than cutting away. I'm trying to better understand the philosophy that goes into a decision like that. The sun seemed to be close to setting, was that also a factor?

Thanks for your time and contribution to this incredible resource. 


Roger Deakins
6 years ago
Roger Deakins 6 years ago

I had quite a long prep period on 'The Village' and I worked with M Night to storyboard every shot of that film. The intent was to build tension and mystery by holding those single shots without a cut. That was something M Night was going for throughout. 

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