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Not Roger,

There is really only one way to improve lending skills and that is a hands on approach. You can read books obviously but at the end of the day it is about experience and that comes with time. Using and handling lenses is the only way to achieve this whether it’s moving images or still images, the principles are the same, there is no fast track to learn. Shooting lots of still photographs is the cheapest method using as many lenses as you can get your hands on. Digital camera’s allow you to shoot as many images as possible, what a better way to learn how lenses react to light and ofcourse it is fun, if you do not find it fun then give up now, you must have an interest in the subject if you want to succeed. The lens is the ‘eye’ of the camera, get to know it’s parameters, make lots of mistakes and you will learn faster, you will never forget your mistakes they will remain with you always. Learn all this and you will become a great DP.

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