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1 week ago
fukuichi 1 week ago

Please teach me about lens and F stop for shooting movie.

I am a directed of photograper in Japan.

I deeply respect all your works.

I am triying looking forward to standards lens for myself.

But I do not know what should I choose.

I cannot have a confidence.


For shooting a movie

What master lens do you use? basicly

I think (super 35 mm)

Master →28 mm

up →40 mm

What do you think.

Also, how much number of Fstop do you use? basicly.

Please forgive me my poor English ability.

Thank you very much.

Roger Deakins
3 days ago
Roger Deakins 3 days ago

I use a range of lenses varying from a 27mm for a wide shot to a 50mm for a close up, though that is just a very sweeping generalization. The F stop you choose depends on the depth of field, focus depth, that you want for a shot. Of course, there are also practical considerations regarding how much light you have available and what stop you are able to shoot at rather than what stop you might ideally want to shoot at.

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