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Lens collection - Roger (1 reply and 1 comment)

1 year ago
Mike 1 year ago


Do you have a lens collection of your own. As you have been in the business for a number of years now, you must have come across a good variety of lenses, vintage and modern and thought that I wouldn't mind owning one of those. So assume you now have a good collection of lenses movie and still ones. Also have you ever used these lenses on one of your movies. Can't see why you would do that as you have access to rental but on some occasion's you may think that you could try a couple out to see how they would perform or that your rental requirements were not fulfilled. Perhaps in your early years this was the case when you were shaping your style of shooting but there are many DP's who admit keeping a box of old dusty lenses under their bed just for pure nostalgic reasons.

Roger Deakins
1 year ago
Roger Deakins 1 year ago

The only lenses I own are my Leica stills lenses and an Angenieux Zoom I received at the Cannes film festival a few years ago. I generally go for the fastest, sharpest and most artifact free lenses I can find.

11 months ago

Roger, does your affinity for the fastest, sharpest lenses apply to a projects in which you plan to achieve a "period look," for want of a more meaningful term? I believe I've read you have an affinity for the Varotal 18-100mm. I quite like that lens myself and am considering using it to shoot a period drama taking place in the 70's - 90's. I wonder what other period zooms have you found a good pairing with the Alexa in creating a softer feel? Or are you more prone to go with modern lensing and achieve your desired look through other means?

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