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Large format field of view matching on 1917 (1 reply)

1 week ago
Vanniyan 1 week ago

Dear roger did you match the field of view and depth of field on 1917 movie When you shot on 40mm lens. Suppose if you were shot 1917 on super 35mm what f number do you use? Because you were maintained f/4 for large format. Did  crop factor bear in you mind. When you shot large format? I need to ask one more question. Suppose if you want to shoot movie like '1984' on large format what sort of technical preparation you do. You have told 1984 movie need little more depth of field. The story needs surrounding atmosphere. How would you deal the same movie with large format of you want more depth like standard 35mm.

Roger Deakins
1 week ago
Roger Deakins 1 week ago

If I wanted an enhanced depth of field on any film project, I suppose I would light the film to a higher stop and shoot exteriors with less ND.

The reason for shooting '1917' with the Alexa LF was because of the look that the larger format gave me. I wanted that reduced depth of field so I was not trying to replicate the look of any other format. If I had chosen another format, such as Super 35mm, I would have considered my lens choice and stop based on that format.

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