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Hello Roger,

First, thanks for the opportunity to have this forum and your feedbacks! Tremendous help!

I plan to shoot with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k my very small budget debut feature film. I shoot it as black and white (making it monochrome in Resolve).

I do the editing on an iMac with Resolve. Due to the limitations I seriously have to consider which format I choose to record, edit and deliver. 4K BRAW would make it very problematic and costly.

So I either can:

1, shoot 4K Prores HQ in Film setting (3840x2160 or DCI)

2, shoot HD in Blackmagic RAW 3:1 (1920x1080)

Which one would be better? Is 4K necessary these days? Its a debut feature film, so maybe it ends up in the streaming, maybe it gets to festivals or cinema distribution. For me HD would be enough, I believe in storytelling, misé-en-scene, performaces, not in Ks, but I don't want to lock my film out of opportunities due to its resolution. 

And second part of the question: if I want a filmic, grainy black and white documentary style, is it a good idea to shoot at higher ISO for a "natural" noise, and then in post-production additional grain could be still added. Thus it would have a more organic feel to its texture?

Thanks for your time and answer!

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