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iPhone XS Video Issue (No replies)

2 weeks ago
Json 2 weeks ago
Hey All, Straight to the issue:
I want to use 2 iPhone XS' as live stream side cameras connected via a 4k lightning to HDMI cable to a SONY video switcher.  While the iPhone cameras record, the switcher feeds video to monitors at the live event and onto the internet.  The problem is that my video output from the XS has a black frame around the image on a monitor (this is without the switcher in between).  I do not believe it necessarily is related to aspect ratio since the black frame is the same width all the way around, i.e., there is no 'cropping' to fit the image on the screen, it is just smaller than the full frame.
I have heard of this issue happening with some DSLR's in relation to the size of the sensor.  Is this what I am experiencing with the iPhone? Anybody have any technical expertise as to a way to scale up the image to fill a standard monitor's screen size (and, therefore, presumably, do the same through the pro switcher)?
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