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If Roger or David wanted an a6500 image to cut seamlessly into an otherwise Alexa production, no-one would be the wiser. It's a 4K camera with 14 stops of dynamic range and a Super 35mm sensor. Sure it's 4:2:0 and 8-bit, which keeps it comfortably away from being ideal for a properly sized shoot, but it's good enough for the no budget brigade to learn on, and good enough that one can make it look like a more expensive system than it is if they know how to light and grade properly. 

The Sony a6300/a6500 both have a sensor size virtually identical to the Alexa XT. A 40mm lens on an a6500 will have the same perspective as a 40mm lens on an Alexa. For me at least, as someone who originally learned on a smaller sensor, re-educating myself with the Super 35 format was hugely beneficial. I can actually have a conversation with other professionals about focal lengths and their perspective now, whereas I couldn't when I was first learning. The Sony's are certainly consumer products, but they're a solid starting point given that their only restriction compared to 35mm or the Alexa is their color space, which can't be said for something like the Blackmagic Pocket. 

But like David said, it doesn't really matter. These are all the petty aspects of filmmaking. Shoot with your camera phone if you must. The important things will be learned just the same. 

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