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but yeah that's kinda the point.. you can get the pocket pocket for the same price as a 'professional' DSLR... I'd argue even less!

DSLR's are no video cameras.. sure some of them (with external recorders) and limited pixel count (like sony a6000 - it 'only' has a 4K sensor) can give you some decent moving images but yeah.. a used pocket is like 500 dollars.. add a 500 dollar super 16 cine lens to it and you'll get much better quality than if you would spend even 2-3 times as much on a 5D or whatever and some modern stills glass..

What I'm trying to say is: knowledge about the technical aspect of imaging is important... cutting down costs for yourself results in knowing how to cut costs later on real productions.. when someone else's money is being used. This is a big part of the job.. it's not the most fun I agree but it is important nevertheless.. in the end it's a very ... and I really don't like saying it. economic/money thing... especially for young people right now. 

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