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And that was shot wide open... exactly the same principle with the Alexa Open Gate mode. Ask Roger. 

Apart from that: when you're learning, all you need is one good lens, suitable for both a good close up AND a wide shot. Something in the range of 35mm (full frame) is my personal favorite. 

Converted to the pocket crop factor this would be: 35mm/3.02 = about 11mm..»

that's my two cents

there's also the option of considering a focal adapter.. speed booster. These will reduce the crop factor from 3.02 to either 2.14 or 1.93.. close enough to the crop factor 2 of the MFT standard.. 
In order to get sharp images you would have to get a real MFT lens.. and they are a bit rare I think.. or at least I personally don't know that much about them. 

You could also get the most expensive speedbooster and get the crop factor down to 1.75x which is close to 1.4 / 1.5 (super 35mm) will will allow you to mount super 35 lenses on to it.. however.. I'm not entirely sure how sharp this would be.. you'd have to test it. 

Another option is to go for a used FS700 or a bigger blackmagic camera.. but you would have to record 4K which will in most cases point you towards external 4K recorders to get that full sensor readout.. and then it becomes more expensive.. 

i'm gonna stick to my first advice.. the super 16 way with the bmpcc is by far the best quality for the best price... speedboosters are not made for focus pulling.. it's do-able but it's much nicer to have a sturdy ring-locked PL-mount and no extra glass / other crap between the lens and the sensor... unless it's an electronic ND fitler system 😀 

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