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I made a free tool to compare different sensor sizes, analog formats and lens image circles (1 reply and 1 comment)

Jannik Tesch
2 months ago
Jannik Tesch 2 months ago»

Feel free to use it! :-)
It’s free and open source, I hope it might help you.
The data of the sensors and lenses comes from the manufacturers.
I'd love to get feedback.

The Byre
2 months ago
The Byre 2 months ago

I found that quite fun to play with - the only problem being that the list is incomplete, but one can put in one's own camera and lens specs of course.

Unfortunately not every manufacturer makes the actual sensor sizes and lens image size readily available and in precise mm - some just say 'Full Frame' (or whatever) and leave it at that.

I found it most useful when just using the old film units - somehow, that just made more sense!  There are just too many cameras on the market nowadays!  As for lenses, where does one start?  Angenieux at one end of the alphabet to Zeis at the other with all kinds of new brands appearing, some of which are actually extremely good.

And lense makers seldom seem to state what happens at the edges of the image - just how much of that circle of light is a useable image, or does it go all squishy at the edges?

But I loved your site - really useful.  Thanks!

Jannik Tesch
2 months ago

Yeah, it sometimes takes many calls and much patience to get the mm values. That's why the list is incomplete. But I am constantly working on it. Same goes for image circle data from lens manufactures.

Regarding the loss of quality at the edge of the image circle: I think for some people (and manufacturers) that's also something they strive for. For others it's an error in the image. Everybody has their own take on that. So I will not judge about that, I just take the empirical data (mm).

You're welcome, I'm happy to hear that you find the tool useful!

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