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First person POV (1 reply and 1 comment)

1 week ago
samarthaca 1 week ago

Hi Roger,

I am curious about your views on the use of first person POV to tell an entire story (e.g. Hardcore Henry). Most professionals I talk to consider it to be a 'gimmick' but a short film I am planning with some friends is such that it could be a unique way of telling the story that effectively puts you in the shoes of the POV character . I am concerned how this kind of approach would be received. I want to do it this way for our short film (as does our director) but also feel its a risky approach in terms of how the audiences would perceive the use of the tool. I am at the crossroads of abandoning this approach for a more conventional way of shooting the film but wanted some opinions from you and the forum members based on experiences.

1 week ago
jthomsg 1 week ago

It’s been done before in Lady in the Lake and most successful in Dark Passage (Bogie).»

From what I know is using POV in these films was more distracting than successful. Back then people paid to see movie stars. It’s been integrated more in videogames, but I wouldn’t make a film in such a way, unless you are making a virtual reality film in a horror movie type setting. 

1 week ago

Interesting film, I must get a copy. Also have a look at the 1960’s British TV series “Invisible Man” with David McCallum. There was also an American version too. It worked well then but not sure if it will work today, audiences are more sophisticated.

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