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Exposure tools for RAW recording (2 replies)

Mitchell P
2 weeks ago
Mitchell P 2 weeks ago

I'm new to RAW recording and would like to know what most cinematographers use as an exposure tool when shooting RAW. Are most using a gray card with waveform monitors, False color, or are many still using a light meter or some other method? Is this a matter of personal preference, or is there an accepted industry practice? I've been shooting Blackmagic RAW mostly using a waveform monitor and gray card and have gotten consistent results so far. I'm just curious about what other tools DPs use as a guide when exposing RAW formats. 

2 weeks ago
PC521 2 weeks ago

Hi Mitchell, 

Most DP's I see light to a calibrated monitor with a LUT like a k1s1. You can also use false color, waveforms, and/or light meter. If you're using the meter do some tests first to make sure you're in sync. 

Viola Lawrence
2 weeks ago
Viola Lawrence 2 weeks ago

Matthew covers some useful guidelines in the below thread.

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