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Expirience with Red pro primes? (2 replies and 1 comment)

3 months ago
andy989 3 months ago

Hi all.

An opportunity has come along to buy a a set of Red pro primes at such a low cost I need not worry about warranty/service, i can just add them onto my insurance. They have always intrigued me, but never had the chance to work with them. I've heard most of the pros and cons of them. 

Apparently not far off ultra primes in terms of sharpness, edge to edge and contrast, but very heavy and ugly flare, i stay away from flares anyway. I hire ultra primes for bigger jobs, but I'd like to own a set of PL's for polished interviews and the lower end owner/operator jobs.  Does anyone have any expirience with the Red lenses? 


The Byre
3 months ago
The Byre 3 months ago

I found this thread on them -»

If it's a decent low-cost prime you are after, I can recommend Xeens - no flares and no breathing at 24 and below.

Leander S
2 months ago
Leander S 2 months ago

Ive tested them once at a rental as they did not had the ultra primes available. The focus ring was very hard to turn, so that I think a nucleus might run into problems and using an FF would be difficult (this could be due to the lenses standing in the shelves for nearly 10 years the technican told me).

Another problem was the coverage. With the Red we had to go down to 7k (maybe 5k if it was a 6k sensor, I dont remember that for sure) as the lens does not cover full super35mm rang, especially stopped down.

The look is close two the UPs as you said. So if the smaller image circle is no problem for you and you find them cheap, i would give them a go when you can live with the cons

Hope I could help. (:

2 months ago

After 10 years grease can solidify restricting lens rotation or they could have been dropped compressing the lens thread. Either way 10 years sitting on a shelf is not good. Obviously, there was a reason nobody wanted to rent them.

All lenses like humans need a regular ‘workout’ to stay supple.

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