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Dune (no spoilers) (3 replies and 1 comment)

1 month ago
styven7 1 month ago

If Roger shot this (I assume he was busy with 1917) you wouldn’t have seen all those lens flares correct?

Stefan Vrachev
1 month ago
Stefan Vrachev 1 month ago


These lens flares if you look again are not just for effect. 
They used them every time Paul was having visions. It was indication that this is not real. If you see it again u will notice. 
So it felt very simple yet effective visual que.  

1 month ago

Agreed. Having that visual que allowed Villeneuve to switch between Paul’s visions and reality very fluidly in a way that wasn’t confusing.

1 month ago
bcortesl 1 month ago

The cinematography, costumes, and music, among other things, are some of the most notable aspects of Dune 2021.
The best cinematography, I've always heard from the best, is the one that is least "seen."
The beautiful images in Dune stand out to me, and they don't go unnoticed. On the other hand, the story is flawlessly told.

I live in a state of contradiction.

4 weeks ago
Ehrman 4 weeks ago

Other than Paul’s visions, the only time I recall noticing a very slight flare was in bedroom when Jessica and Leto are going to sleep and one of those floating lights is behind them.

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