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1 week ago
Nick 1 week ago

Hi Roger,

Whether a shot is planned in pre-production or instinct on the day, if you're asked about ideas for coverage, has there been a time when you've thought 'there's really only one place I can put the camera that'll feel appropriate for the emotion in the scene'. So getting coverage would feel unnecessary? 

Hope this makes sense.



7 days ago
Nick 7 days ago

In other words if you're asked to put the camera in another place that may not feel right for the sake of another angle, what do you do?

Roger Deakins
6 days ago
Roger Deakins 6 days ago

Yes, there are times when I feel, that there is only one place to put the camera and that coverage is unnecessary. But it is also true that there are times when the decision to do no coverage might be the director's whilst I might be suggesting we do more. I will passionately argue for a certain shot or a certain way to cover a scene but the final choice is always that of the director.

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