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Cooke 5/i's vs Master Primes (1 reply)

1 week ago
nickvera 1 week ago

Hey Mr. Deakins,

I recently worked with  the Cooke 5/i's and I loved them as much as when I used the Master Primes. They both have slight color differences and the Master Primes are definitely better in sharpness and CA. I was wondering since you moved from the Cooke s4's to the Master Primes, what's your take on the 5/i's? I remember reading in the forum that you loved the Master Primes because they had an additional stop which was helpful during NCFOM. Now since the 5/i's have that extra stop, would you ever consider using the 5/i's? Or would you still prefer to shoot on Master Primes? What do you take into consideration?




Nick Vera

Roger Deakins
3 days ago
Roger Deakins 3 days ago

The way a lens deals with a hot source in the frame, such as a practical lamp or the sun, is very important to me. Also the weight of the lens makes a great deal of difference when shooting with the Mini and lightweight rigs. 

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