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Controling Film Halation (1 reply and 1 comment)

7 months ago
BartHoveijn 7 months ago

Dear Roger and readers,

I'm in filmschool right now and i'm trying to expiriment as much as possible with Film. So I think i understand the metering proces to decide what is 18% and what is above or below. 

I'm looking for a way to get the halation in the highlights under control, i did a little ad on my bolex where moving shining objects were reflecting an HMI 575 spot directly into the lens. I measured F5.6 on my lumisphere in front of the objects, and I measured F64 with my spot into the reflection of the objects. So the highlights are (correct me if im wrong); 8 stops overexposed. 

I'm not sure if this is too much or this is a nice contrast to get the right halation.

My question is, how can i control wanted clipped/halated highlights? And does the source affect the color of the halation or does the red emulsion layer make it red glowing?

If you or somebody here has some expirimental tips to play with film, im really curious! Im looking forward tot test ektachrome cross-proces!

Kind regards,


7 months ago
dmullenasc 7 months ago

Negative film has wide latitude for overexposure so bright highlights off of shiny metal should look naturally hot but obviously a strong kick will burn out.

At that point, other than dull-spraying the metal, all you can do is either avoid the kick-angle of light or underexpose to hold more highlight detail (like when shooting silhouettes against the sun kicking off of the ocean.) You don’t want to avoid all clipping to white necessarily. The red halation is just a property of film that you have to accept when you get a hot highlight.

7 months ago

Some halation comes from the lens, not the film.

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