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1 week ago
JackyL 1 week ago

Hi Roger and fellow members,

I'm a new member here and I can't believe this forum exists, very cool!

Since this section is about cameras, I would like to mention Z CAM E2. I have the 4K version that shoots 160fps. Although it's not an Arri or Red, the image quality is very close to those two cameras. In fact, Alessandro Mattiolo just shot a commercial for Expedia with it.

From a low budget perspective, it really helps achieve that cinematic look (in addition to lighting, lenses, movement, etc.). Although I'm just a hobbyist, I learned a lot from using this camera versus using a Canon/Sony camera for video. For one, the dynamic range and skin tones are what really makes this camera stand out.

It's impossible for me to get a Red or Arri and do a side by side comparison for image quality. But let's say they are very close, what would be the deciding factor for a professional to choose a camera? Is it because they have to justify the client budget or to impress them? Anyone in Calgary Alberta that has a Red or Arri?

Feel free to drop any questions you have.

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